Welcome to the City of Quincy Contributory Retirement System. Our defined benefit pension system represents 1,727 active and 1,732 retired Quincy public employees. With an investment return of 13.28% in 2006 and over $290 million in assets, our retirement system is now 65% fully-funded.
Known as the “City of Presidents” and the birthplace of the American Dream, Quincy Massachusetts is home to some 88,000 people. Once renowned for its superior ship building, Quincy is also the birthplace of two US Presidents, the country’s first commercial railroad, and home to the modern American institution Dunkin Donuts.

Retirement Board Election results

Please be advised that Mr. Leo Coppens has been elected to the Quincy Retirement Board for a three year term commencing on December 17, 2016 and ending on December 16, 2019.

There were 823 ballots cast and the tabulation was as follows:

  1. Leo Coppens 551
  2. Francis Sandonato 272

Thank you to those members who voted.