Despite continued economic difficulty, the Quincy Retirement Board is pleased to announce an investment return of 18.5% in 2009, bringing the system’s asset total to over $250 million.

In conjunction with our investment consultant, Meketa Investment Group, the Board has adopted a new Asset Allocation policy that that invests a broadly diversified portfolio across multiple asset classes. Within each of these asset classes, the system holds many different securities to ameliorate the risk of any one asset’s performance having a drastic effect on the portfolio as a whole.

Although the economic news has been unfavorable in recent years, the Board, as a long-term investor, expects the portfolio to be able to weather these difficult times. Through a prudent and disciplined approach to monitoring the asset allocation, the Board hopes to continue to grow the system’s assets through positive investment returns as the economy further rebounds.

Please feel free to contact the retirement board office with any questions or concerns.

The Quincy Retirement Board

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